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 Explore the Victorian High Country and Simpson Desert on personalised 4WD tours



4x4 bush desert adventure all terrain tag along tours

Dingo Trax is ready to show the inexperienced 4x4 adventurer how to get out and explore Australia’s remote, all terrain wilderness in their very own vehicle. Whether it's by themselves, with a group of mates, or the whole family! We want to showcase the best this great country of ours has to offer in the safe hands of highly-skilled bushmen.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic putting some constraints on travel, the idea of exploring “our own backyard” has never felt more right. Local travel is in the process of creating a new identity, especially for travellers who’ve never considered the endless possibilities of an Aussie four wheel drive adventure.

Some Dingo Trax adventurers will be surprised to know what their 4x4 vehicle is truly capable of. At times, they might even feel completely out of their comfort zone. And that is completely natural. We’ve all been there when learning how to drive a four wheeler.

What makes the world of difference is the team of experts who will be on-hand to guide them every kilometre of the way.

They will gain so much confidence and become at one with their 4WD vehicle after a Dingo Trax safari in the Simpson Desert or Victorian High Country.

Dingo Trax is proud to be a Quality tourism accredited business

Dingo Trax has worked hard to become a Quality Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business.

The Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) has deemed us worthy of this important tick of approval.

Dingo Trax is proud to be a Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business

It means we're super passionate about going above and beyond expectations to create an unforgettable experience for you and your fellow adventurers.

It also means we've met a long list of criteria around quality, reliability and adherence to a code of ethics, ensuring we're committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. 



Explore the Simpson Desert by four-wheel-drive across South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia

We want people to enjoy unique, all terrain four wheel drive treks they wouldn’t normally get the chance to see and do in the Simpson Desert and Victorian High Country. It’s all about gaining the experience and confidence to take on that sand dune in the Northern Territory or steep, muddy incline in Victoria. We want to see more people - from all ages and backgrounds - escape the city and discover the bush.


And most of all - we want them to fall in love with the 4x4 adventure and have a fun, safe and unforgettable time with us!

 Discover iconic four wheel drive spots across the Simpson Desert like Hay River, Madigan Line, Binn’s Track, Batton Hill, Birdsville, Big Red, Canning Stock Route

At the end of our trips, inexperienced travellers will have the knowledge and skills to approach difficult situations with confidence and drive away with a big smile on their face.



AUSTRALIAN 4X4 Self-Drive tours and treks

We want Dingo Trax adventurers to travel through the bush in a safe and responsible way, while being aware of fellow travellers and the local environment around them, and give everyone a great experience in the process.

Australian 4X4 Tag Along 4WD tours

There is safety in numbers and travelling in a convoy when embarking on a 4WD adventure is no different. We work together as a team to ensure the highest 4x4 driver safety at all times.

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