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Australian 4X4 Tag Along 4WD tours


4x4 tag along adventure tour

Dingo Trax is all about making newcomers feel safe, supported and as informed as possible. That means before you book with us, during the safety briefing and pre-vehicle checks, and throughout our time together out on the trax. We get a lot of questions. Below you'll find some of the most common ones. 

If you feel you still have a question or query for us, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to answer it. And please remember, no question is out of the question. If in doubt, please shout out!

how much experience do i need?

Trips are rated as easy, medium and difficult. It will be up to you to assess the level at which you feel comfortable. Please contact us directly to find out more on this.

The driver must have a full, unrestricted license with them at all times.

We'll guide you on how to travel in a convoy, UHF radio procedures, driving speeds and road/track conditions during the pre-departure safety briefing. 

AUSTRALIAN 4X4 Self-Drive tours and treks

What sets dingo trax apart from other 4wd tours?

Apart from offering a team of highly experienced bushmen - who know the high country and desert like the back of their hands - we're a fully licensed and Quality Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business!


Not all tourism operators have this tick of approval from the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC).


We've worked hard to become a Quality Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business. And it's all because we're super passionate about bringing you an amazing 4WD experience. The accreditation tick shows we've met specific criteria around quality, reliability and adherence to a code of ethics, ensuring we're committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. 

Dingo Trax is proud to be a Sustainable Tourism accredited business
Dingo Trax is proud to be a Quality tourism accredited business

what sort of car will i need?

  • A roadworthy and registered vehicle. You will need to have a good understanding of what your vehicle is capable of in an off-road environment. Our team will always be there to assist. 

  • All terrain tyres in good order. 

  • High and low range transmission.

  • Fitted with recovery point fronts.

  • Proof of insurance and registration.

  • We'll advise you of vehicle loading and tyre pressure before departing.

do i need my own car to go on the tour?

No, you can hire a car from a commercial operation or borrow a car from a friend. Whatever you decide, you will be responsible to meet all our requirements.

do i need insurance?

Yes. You are entirely responsible for the vehicle you use, its contents, your personal possessions, life insurance of participants, and other personal or business insurance.

While we hold the health & safety of our tour participants (and their vehicle and equipment) with paramount importance, it is a requirement of our license and insurer to have you sign a waiver before heading out on the road - which you'll get before departing.

This ensures all parties are protected at all times. 

During one of our adventures - especially if you're new to four-wheel driving - you can expect to be taken out of your comfort zone at times. We will never force you to do anything you're not comfortable with, but always encourage you to have a go. Our team of experts will be there with you to talk you through each step and put your mind at ease. We do this as our duty of care. It ensures you're exposed to typical 4WD conditions you're likely to come across during your own encounter with friends and family later down the track.

what equipment do i need to bring?

  • Recovery points on the front and the rear of the vehicle 

  • UHF radio 

  • First aid kit

  • Water containers

  • Bedding, clothing, camping gear, etc

These are just a few of the things you'll need to bring along. Download our Camping Packing List for all the details on what you'll need to bring along.

what time do we leave & from where?

Departure locations and times differ for different trips. When you contact us, we'll provide you with all the details so you better plan and prepare for your adventure. Tours typically depart from Coongulla in Victoria, and Marree in South Australia.

what route will we take?

Once you secure a booking, we'll share details about the route, where we'll be staying overnight (for multi-day trips) and if you'll need any inter-state travel passes and/or permits. We'll also take care of any special permits for travelling into Aboriginal and protected areas.

Explore the Victorian High Country and Simpson Desert on personalised 4WD tours

what about weather?

We're in constant contact with weather bureaus and authorities. We'll keep you as up-to-date as we can on the changing nature of rain, weather warnings and fire danger risks.

4WD Tag-Along-Tours and Driver Training Victoria Northern Territory South Australia

Can i bring my drone?

Federal laws apply, so use may not be possible – depending on specific locations.

Australian 4X4 Tag Along 4WD tours four wheel driver with dingo trax

what happens in an emergency?

Our team is trained in first aid, but we're not medical experts. You must come prepared with your own first aid kit and medications. Our cars are fitted with UHF radios and we carry a satellite phone, so we can contact 000 for help if need be. We'll go over what to do in an emergency during the pre-departure safety briefing.


    NEW 2024 Tour!   

  Planning is underway for a 15 - 17 day desert expedition along Western Australia's 
Canning Stock Route - the longest historic route
of its kind in the world.
Now taking Expressions of Interest... 

How much are tours? what's the itinerary?

Check out our 2024 tour schedule for all the details. Our 2025 schedule is also available so you can get in early and book ahead of time.

what will I get for the cost of the tour?

Our team of experts will be safely guiding you every step of the way, while giving you the space and freedom to try out the tips and tricks you'll learn along the journey. We're a fully licensed tour operator in all the states and territories we travel in. Our team is first aid trained and ready to assist in whatever way we can. If you have a travel emergency, or your vehicle breaks down, we'll get you through. We will not leave you behind and have our own fully-equipped vehicles to keep you safe.

We don't offer hospitality tourism, which means you must take your own food and camping equipment. The Camping Packing List has all the details on what you'll need to bring along. It means you'll be able to bring food, drinks and snacks you enjoy and suit your own dietary requirements, as well as camping equipment that suits your individual comfort levels.

are tours weekends or day tours?

It's completely up to you! We offer a range of different tours to suit your availability and eagerness to get out and explore. We are currently hosting one, two and three day tours in the Victorian High Country and epic 12 day Desert tours. See our 2024 tour schedule for all the dates and details.

are tour costs per person or per vehicle?

Prices for Hay River & Madigan Line outback tours include one vehicle carrying 2 adults and children under 12 years of age. Additional passengers are $500 per person.

All other tours (including the private 4x4 training days) are priced at a flat fee per vehicle.


is there a minimum set-up my car should have?

Yes, at a minimum we want to see good tyres (at least all terrain or mud) and an option of low range transmission. Download our handy Vehicle Requirements form for more details.

It's important to mention, vehicle requirements differ for Outback and Victorian High Country conditions. For example, in the High Country, snorkels are essential for deeper river crossings. Again, refer to the Vehicle Requirements form for all the details.

are standard 4X4 vehicles able to do these tours?

The short answer is yes. But there are still minimum requirements that have to be met before you head away with us. At the very least, we want to see good tyres (at least all terrain or mud) and the option of low range transmission. "Lift" is not essential. See our Vehicle Requirements form for more details. And if you still have more questions, be sure to get in touch.

Voucher FAQ

how do i buy a gift voucher?

A gift voucher is a great gift idea for loved ones who are looking for adventure! Especially if they have a 4WD and want to take their skills and experience to the next level. Simply head to our Gift Voucher page, select the amount you wish to gift, enter all the details and the voucher will be on it's way. Vouchers have an expiration date of 12 months from the time of purchase, and can be used on any of the available tours and driver training days.

how do i use a gift voucher?

You should have received a unique gift card code in the original email sent by Dingo Trax at the time the gift voucher was purchased. This unique code is valid for 12 months and can be redeemed on our website. Simply head to our tour bookings page, select the tour you like best, follow the prompts through the check out process. When it comes time to enter your payment information, you can choose to use your gift card number. The voucher amount will be deducted from the total tour amount.

What happens if the order total is more than the remaining gift voucher value?

If the sale is worth more than the value of the card, customers can pay for the remaining cost using your other payment methods at the time of checking out online.

What happens if the order total is less than the gift voucher value?

Any amount left over after making a purchase can be used in future purchases. 

For example, if a customer has a $100 gift card and spends $25, they can use the remaining $75 in future when shopping on your site. Currently, it is not possible for recipients to check their gift card balance.

got more questions?

Feel free to send us an email, or give us a call, and we'll do our best to answer all your outstanding questions. One of our friendly team members is only too happy to help get you ready for one of our unforgettable adventures!

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