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Victorian High Country | 2024 Dargo to Billy Goat Bluff

* Prices are per vehicle (flat fee) for all Victorian High Country tours.  You will not be charged for extra passengers who accompany you on your adventure. Please specify during checkout how many extra passengers will accompany you on your adventure. Additional people will not be charged extra.


The quantity button is based on per vehicle. E.g. Quantity 1 = 1 vehicle, Quantity 2 = 2 vehicles and so on.



23 - 24 March 2024

11 - 12 May 2024

25 - 26 May 2024

14 - 15 Sep 2024

28 - 29 Sep 2024


This Victorian High Country 4x4 tag along tour takes in the best of the Australian bush. Discover gems along the Avon Track like Bulldog Junction, Hiburnia, the Kingwell Bridge, Dargo and Billy Goats Bluff Track from the comfort of your own four wheel drive. This overnighter is a great way to get your foot on your 4WD pedal and see what the high country has to offer.


DURATION: 2 days


RATING: Medium, with some difficult sections


TOUR MAP: Click here



Don't miss out on our next adventure... we have plenty of dates to suit you and your schedule. 


All prices are per vehicle, so you can take the whole family or a group of mates along for an affordable getaway, exploring the great outdoors Dingo Trax style.


We want you to enjoy unique places and experiences you wouldn’t normally get the chance to see and do. It’s all about gaining the experience and confidence to take on that river crossing and steep, muddy incline.


We want to see more people - from all ages and backgrounds - escape the city and discover the bush. And most of all - we want you to fall in love with the adventure and have a fun, safe and unforgettable time with us!

Victorian High Country | 2024 Dargo to Billy Goat Bluff

GST Included

We'll meet around 7am at Coongulla on the beautiful Lake Glenmaggie in Victoria's Gippsland for the start of our adventure (and 4WD orientation).

​The first leg of the trip will see us head north to Bulldog Junction followed by Huggetts Track and Angus Track.

​Once we reach Mt Angus, we'll head along Moroka Rd before we reach Horseyards Flat and continuing on the Billy Goat Bluff Track. Crooked River Rd will see us cross the Kingwill Bridge to Dargo where we'll set up camp for the night.

​After a relaxing night under the stars we'll head off from camp at around 8am to Grant Juntion.

The next few legs will have us explore Hiburnia and Conways Track to Kingwill Bridge once again. We'll head back up Billy Goat Bluff before heading along Marathon Rd, Gillio's Rd and Stan's Track. After reaching Huggett's Track, we'll head back to Coongulla where it all began.

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