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Victorian High Country | 2024 Cattleman's Historic Huts Tour

* Prices are per vehicle (flat fee) for all Victorian High Country tours.  You will not be charged for extra passengers who accompany you on your adventure. Please specify during checkout how many extra passengers will accompany you on your adventure. Additional people will not be charged extra.


The quantity button is based on per vehicle. E.g. Quantity 1 = 1 vehicle, Quantity 2 = 2 vehicles and so on.



24 - 27 February 2024

9 - 12 March 2024

2 - 5 November 2024

23 - 26 November 2024

14 - 17 December 2024


Our most extensive Victorian High Country tour on offer allows us plenty of time to venture into the heart of the Alpine National Park and have back-to-back days of trying out all different types of remote bush terrain in between discovering the rich history of the various huts that are synonymous with this incredible corner of our country.


DURATION: 4 days


RATING: Medium, with some difficult sections.


Don't miss out on our next adventure... we have plenty of dates to suit you and your schedule. 


All prices are per vehicle, so you can take the whole family or a group of mates along for an affordable getaway, exploring the great outdoors Dingo Trax style.


We want you to enjoy unique places and experiences you wouldn’t normally get the chance to see and do. It’s all about gaining the experience and confidence to take on that river crossing and steep, muddy incline.


We want to see more people - from all ages and backgrounds - escape the city and discover the bush. And most of all - we want you to fall in love with the adventure and have a fun, safe and unforgettable time with us!


Victorian High Country | 2024 Cattleman's Historic Huts Tour

GST Included

The start of our adventure will see us set off from Licola, nestled on the fringe of the great Victorian High Country and set on the Macalister River in Victoria's Gippsland.

Dingo Trax will lead you into the remote wilderness - a journey our team have made countless times after decades of four wheel driving and running cattle through the picturesque region.

We'll explore eight of the High Country's historic huts which are nestled in the spectacular Alpine National Park and date back as far as the late 1800s, remaining a testament to the pioneers who lived, explored and worked on this land.


Get ready to trek through some incredible scenery as we stumble upon Jamison Hut, Bluff Hut, Guys Hut, Millers Hut and Moroka Hut - just to name a few!


You'll also take in other spectacular sites along the way such as Conglomerate Falls, Pieman Falls and Bryces Gorge. Not to mention amazing views from the top of Mount Wellington boasting an elevation of 1634 metres.

The Dingo Trax team will have plenty of stories to share about each historic hut and the people who pioneered the region and made it their home. You'll be left wondering how on earth they lived in such a remote part of the world with minimal tools and equipment all those years ago! You'll be stepping back in time and following in the footsteps (or in our case, 4WD tracks) of some inspiring pioneers and cattleman at just about every turn.

After trekking some 400 kilometres of steep inclines, panoramic ridgelines and cool river crossings, we'll finish up at the foothills of the High Country in Valencia Creek.


You won't look at Victoria's High Country quite the same again after exploring first-hand the rich history and natural wonders of what is now known as The Alpine National Park.

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