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2025 One-on-One 4x4 training & orientation + Hugget's River Tour

* Prices are per vehicle (flat fee) for all Victorian High Country tours.  You will not be charged for extra passengers who accompany you on your adventure. Please specify during checkout how many extra passengers will accompany you on your adventure. Additional people will not be charged extra.


The quantity button is based on per vehicle. E.g. Quantity 1 = 1 vehicle, Quantity 2 = 2 vehicles and so on.


*Please note this package is not available during the months of April, June, August and October as the Dingo Trax team are busy hitting the trax for our outback tours in The Simpson Desert.




TOUR DATES: As this is a personalised, one-on-one training day, your tour date will be arranged with a member of the Dingo Trax team after online booking and payment has been processed.


Have you always wanted to hit the tracks, but feel you lack the time, confidence and know how?

Escape the suburbs and busyness of everyday life by treating yourself to practical, one-on-one 4WD training. This package also includes a Hugget's River Tour in the Victorian High Country, starting at Lake Glenmaggie (approx. 3 hour drive from Melbourne).

We take the hard work out of getting started, so you can hit the tracks with your family and mates in no time. You'll experience what your vehicle is really capable of and how to approach tough trails with confidence.

We'll talk you through how to read the terrain you're travelling on, how to travel safely and how to look after your vehicle and the environment. We'll explain and demonstrate many of your vehicle's driver aids.

Don't hold off any longer! Find out why so many Aussies love 4WDing and escaping to the bush every chance they get!

Our 4WD training is bespoke and designed to suit each individual and their vehicle. 

It's why we don't host group training days with multiple vehicles, or run a set schedule.

All vehicles are created differently and our experienced team will guide you through exactly how to use yours with a personalised vehicle orientation, plus loads more.



  • Passenger safety

  • High and low range gear selection

  • Transmission windup

  • Differential locks

  • Transaxeling

  • Wheel articulation

  • Vehicle braking

  • Approach, departure and ramp over angles

  • Side incline angles

  • Throttle control

  • Stall/start techniques

  • Compression braking

  • Deep water crossings

  • Identify risks during a snatch recovery

  • Joining two straps

  • Monocoque constructed vehicle recovery

  • Safe use of jacks

  • Safe use of winches

  • Vehicle loading

  • Safety and general bush skills

2025 One-on-One 4x4 training & orientation + Hugget's River Tour

GST Included

Prices are per vehicle for all Victorian High Country tours. 

The quantity button is based on per vehicle. E.g. Quantity 1 = 1 vehicle, Quantity 2 = 2 vehicles and so on.


Before departure on a Dingo Trax Tour you will be asked to complete the appropriate Tour Booking Form for your chosen destination, in addition to signing a hard copy paper form confirming your consent to our Terms & Conditions (T&C) for Tour Participation agreement form.

Booking is subject to payment in full and to the (i) Terms and Conditions for the Use of our Website, (ii) Email Legal Notice, (iii) Privacy Policy and Collection Statement, and (iv) the Terms and Conditions for Booking and Cancellation Policy, all of which are incorporated by reference, published on our website at, and/or otherwise made available to you on request. 


When we receive confirmation of your payment, we will contact you and confirm that we can accommodate you on your chosen tour. If we cannot accommodate you on the tour of your choice, we may offer you the opportunity of participating in a different Tour. If you do not want an alternative tour, we will refund you in full.

Keen to learn more about things like vehicle requirements and a handy packing list of what you'll need on one of our tours? Head to our Frequently Asked Questions for more info...


Want more info?

Interested in coming on a tour but need some more information? We'd love to hear from you, please contact our Tour Guide, John on 0418 595 176 email or hit the contact us button below

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